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“Our passion is to empower individuals with clear, well-validated metrics integrating cell structural health with global brain function so we can provide a clear path to optimizing the most relevant metrics of life… metrics that help define the quality of our existence, resilience to aging and disease, and ability to achieve our potential.”
Daniel T. Johnston, MD, MPH, Founder, BrainSpan Health

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Learn about the BrainSpan Assessment and what it measures in this short video narrated by Dr. Daniel Johnston, MD – BrainSpan’s Founder & CEO.


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Dr. Joshua Bletzinger DC

Dr. Joshua Bletzinger DC

Founder, Fox Valley Integrated Health

As a functional medicine practitioner, this test gives me continued objective data to develop individual strategies.    I use Brainspan in active care protocols for a wide range of clinical conditions. These include cognitive impairment, type 2 diabetes, and autoimmune conditions.

Testing is easy, quick, and objective. I like that I can take a patient with a 35:1 ratio and in 3 months have them at 4:1 by following a simple protocol. BrainSpan is one of the less expensive labs you can run that by following the results provides profound changes in the inflammatory state of a patient without a lot of lifestyle intervention.

Dr. Robert Martinez, DC

Dr. Robert Martinez, DC




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The future of prevention is neuroprevention.  Understand how the structural health of cells determines brain function and resilience.