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Conceived in Combat, Raised by Science, Driven by Results

1st Omega Combat Study

Researchers looking for improved resilience and mental acuity for soldiers under fire.

Over 160 Clinical Studies

Studies conducted by top-tier institutions and published in prominent journals 

Over 12k Tests Performed

Improved patient outcomes, nutritional compliance, and provider satisfaction.

Contrary to Popular opinion

Curiosity doesn’t always kill its host. Sometimes curiosity lights a fire that is never extinguished. 

“It started with a study examining the role of nutrition in resilience and performance in US Army Soldiers deployed overseas.  This led to a specific list of nutrients and an approach to testing that combined both biomarkers and performance that truly awakens a person to the need for change.  When someone not only understands but sees visually the impact of their diet on their ability to carry out important functions that ultimately determines our quality of life, something special happens.” 

Daniel T. Johnston, MD, MPH

LTC (Ret), US Army

Founder & CEO, BrainSpan


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Not just trusted – verified by over 160 clinical studies in conjunction with internationally recognized research schools and organizations


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